Lamb Neck



It is certainly a heart-touching moment when all of your family sits together around the dinner table and like the food you have prepared for them. But if you have both pediatrics and geriatrics in your family members then it slightly becomes difficult to cook the same meal for the whole family because they can’t eat spicy food and needs something delicate to chew and having palatability according to their age.

Meat Shop Drop thinks from each perspective and wants to help out the people with better and complimentary options to their needs.


Soft, Tender, and Juicy – All What You Need!

The advantage of using Lamb Neck cut is that you can use it both either on the bone or off the bone. Where it’s off the bone meat is more tender and juicy, on the bone will be more economical and adds more flavor to your recipe. It is totally up to you whatever kind of professional cut you want and your order will be processed in the same way.

Summing up the benefits of lamb Neck we would say it is:

  • Inexpensive
  • Brings life to your dull, boring routine recipes
  • Acceptable to both kids and elders


Instructions To Cook A Perfect Lamb Neck Dish:

This Lamb Neck piece needs to be dealt with special care. If it is not properly cooked it will spoil your scrumptious meal.

If you actually want a finger-licking taste then follow a few tips to prepare a perfectly cooked Lamb Neck dish.

  • It needs to cook for a long time.
  • Slow cooking on the low or medium flame is suggested.

It will help to break down the connective tissues, impart tenderness to its texture, and also helps in the infusion of flavors.

You can either make stew, curry, kebabs, or served with vegetables however you like.