Meat Shop Drop deals in the best quality Fresh Halal Chicken. Many of our customers are curious to know the difference between Halal Chicken and regular Chicken.

First, let me clear that Halal Chicken and regular chicken meat are obtained from the same animal. The only difference is in the way the Chicken is slaughtered.

The Regular Chicken

The chickens are forced into metal stirrups or, to put it another way, are suspended by their feet on a moving platform throughout the meat preparation stage, which frequently results in fractured bones. After passing through an electrified water bath designed to make the chickens unconscious, their necks are cut. Birds that have been slaughtered go through a process to have their feathers removed.

This is required to get the bird ready for processing. The Chicken is first placed through a hot water bath, which is intended to help release feathers. Feathers are removed with a tool called a “picker,” which has hundreds of small rotating rubber “fingers” on it. After the feathers are removed, the birds are brought to an “eviscerating” line where their internal organs and feet, or “paws,” are removed. Machines frequently slaughter chickens. On the other hand, Halal animals are always killed by hand, not by a machine, and by a Muslim who recites a blessing.

The Halal Approach

There are a few areas where Halal Chicken is strictly regulated.

To be halal, chickens must be well-cared for and clean, meaning they must be free of wounds and scars. Additionally, no minimal byproducts should be served to these birds.

There are a few areas where Halal Chicken is strictly regulated.

The Following Are The Halal Slaughter Laws (Zabiha).

  • Any Muslim who has attained puberty can commit a heinous act.
  • The name of Allah must be said before or during the execution of the animal.
  • The knife’s edge must be exceedingly sharp and smooth (no nicks). To avoid any unneeded stress, the knife must not be sharpened close to animals that will be put to death.

Halal slaughter involves cutting the trachea, jugular vein, and carotid arteries in one motion across the Chicken’s throat. According to research, this approach only mildly hurts. The heart helps to remove blood from the body as a result, but the chickens swiftly lose consciousness.

After all the information given above regarding the two types of Chicken available in the market, I’m pretty sure you won’t doubt which one you want to buy!

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