Lamb Leg Mince



Meat Shop Drop is a benchmark of Halal Meat in the UK with its promising range of tasty and meat in a wide range. Our aim is to offer people halal and fresh meat at the lowest prices possible and with swift delivery services to meet their needs.

This particularly special Lamb Leg Mince with no fat at all is introduced to not let you take off your hands from red meat due to any health issues. We consider the possible factors and always try to share them with our valuable customers so they know what they are going to buy even before order placement.


Considerable Health Factors:

The fat content of lamb may vary between 17-21%. Both saturated and monounsaturated fats are found in balanced/equal amounts. But here is to know that saturated fats are associated with increased cholesterol levels in your body. So, you must choose a leaner cut of lamb that is having as much low fat as it is needed or you can either trim it away yourself to prepare a healthy meal.

For this good purpose, Meat Shop Drop offers you a special cut of Lamb Leg Mince No Fat by trimming off all the fat ourselves. So, you can simply order and enjoy a healthy meal without much effort.

  • Lamb is a nutrition-packed meat.
  • It contains ruminant trans fat CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which is believed to reduce body fat mass.
  • The leaner cut you choose, the lesser will be the intake of saturated fats that is ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) and will reduce the risk of possible heart diseases.


Versatility In Recipes

Lamb leg mince can be used in a number of ways each with tasteful and delighted recipes.

  • Serve them with potatoes
  • Make middle eastern koftas, meatballs, or keema
  • Prepare steaks with garlicky spinach
  • Korean style crispy lamb mince
  • Lamb dumplings
  • Savory minced lamb pie
  • Portuguese minced lamb with white beans