Indus Coriander Powder 400g


  • Premium Quality
  • Aromatic Delight
  • Versatile Ingredient
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Product Description:

Enhance the taste and aroma of your dishes with the rich and aromatic Indus Coriander Powder. This essential spice adds depth and complexity to your culinary creations, elevating your cooking to new heights.

Key Features & Specifications:

Premium Quality: Indus Coriander Powder is made from carefully selected coriander seeds, ground to perfection to ensure a consistent and authentic flavour in every pinch.

Aromatic Delight: Unlock the fragrant and citrusy notes of coriander with this powdered spice, providing a well-rounded flavour profile to a wide range of dishes.

Versatile Ingredient: Indus Coriander Powder adds a delightful touch to vegetarian and meat-based recipes, from curries and soups to marinades and spice blends.

Pack Size: Each pack contains 400g of coriander powder, providing ample quantity for multiple cooking sessions and experiments in the kitchen.

Elevate Your Culinary Creations:

Discover the secret to adding depth and complexity to your dishes. Indus Coriander Powder is a flavour enhancer, ensuring every bite is a burst of aromatic delight.

A Must-Have in Every Kitchen:

No spice rack is complete without the classic flavour of coriander. Indus Coriander Powder is an indispensable ingredient, allowing you to infuse your dishes with culinary magic.

Culinary Versatility:

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, Indus Coriander Powder is a versatile spice that can be used in countless recipes, adding layers of taste to your culinary creations.

The Secret to Delectable Dishes:

Transform ordinary meals into extraordinary experiences by incorporating the timeless essence of coriander. Add Indus Coriander Powder to your cart for only £2.99 per pack at today!

Spice Up Your Culinary Journey:

Unleash the power of coriander with Indus Coriander Powder, a culinary gem that lets you create dishes bursting with flavour and aroma. Order now and elevate your cooking to a new level of excellence.


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