Bird’s Custard Powder 300 g


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Product Description:

Indulge in the rich and velvety taste of Bird’s Custard Powder, the timeless classic that has been delighting taste buds for generations. This 300g pack of Bird’s Custard Powder brings you the perfect blend of premium ingredients, ensuring a luscious and creamy custard experience that will leave you craving more.

Classic Taste, Timeless Delight:

Bird’s Custard Powder is a culinary treasure cherished across households for its classic taste and timeless delight. With its authentic recipe dating back over a century, this custard powder has been a favorite among families, offering a heartwarming touch to every dessert it graces. Whether enjoying a simple custard bowl or using it as a versatile ingredient in various sweet treats, the unmistakable flavor of Bird’s Custard Powder will surely bring smiles to faces, young and old.

Premium Quality Ingredients:

Crafted with a dedication to quality, Bird’s Custard Powder boasts a blend of premium ingredients that have been sourced with utmost care. The foundation of this delightful custard lies in the finest-grade cornflour, renowned for its smooth and thickening properties. To complement the custard’s taste, Bird’s adds the perfect amount of aromatic vanilla flavoring, which infuses each spoonful with a heavenly fragrance. Additionally, the gentle hue of vibrant yellow color makes the custard visually appealing and enhances the overall sensory experience. With Bird’s Custard Powder, creating delectable desserts has never been easier.

Halal-Certified Custard Powder:

At Bird’s, we understand the importance of meeting diverse dietary preferences. Our Custard Powder is not only a symbol of exceptional taste but is also certified Halal, adhering to the highest standards of preparation. This certification ensures that individuals seeking Halal custard options can indulge in the goodness guilt-free. Whether hosting a family gathering or preparing a delightful treat after a hearty meal, Bird’s Custard Powder ensures that everyone can savor the culinary masterpiece with absolute delight.


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