Meat shop drop is the best online butcher shop in town where you can get halal meat without any doubt as everyone rated us high and recommended it to others so we now have a large number of clients around us and known because of the best customer service and compliance. We have the meat of various domestic animals that are reared and cut under our supervision. We have everything from chicken, turkey, Lamb Meat, to beef to cater to the demands of people all across the UK.

Meat Shop is aimed to ship people the best, finest quality meat with delicious taste every time they eat. Being a Muslim, you have to look after that what you are eating is either halal or haram. Thus Meat Shop Drop  is providing 100% halal Meat Offers. Our Halal Meat range extraordinarily impacts your health as it is all-pure and natural.

Five Important Health Benefits of Lamb Meat

  • A Fantastic Source of Iron, lamb inherently has a lot more iron than other protein sources like chicken or fish
  • A Vitamin B Powerhouse
  • A Way to Boost Your Immune System
  • Anti-Inflammatory Assets
  • A Healthy Source of Protein


What are the benefits of eating lamb?

Not only it is an amazing source of vitamins, but it is also an outstanding source of high-quality proteins and minerals, including iron, zinc, and Vitamin B12. This regular consumption of Lamb Meat may promote muscle development, maintenance, and execution. Moreover, it helps prevent anemia.

Rich in taste:

Meat Shop Online UK has come over with a wide stock of various meat varieties to serve people’s tastes and demands. The logic to offer both red and white meat is that people of every age and every taste will get the advantage to buy high-quality Halal Meat. Whether it is our Lamb Meat or Beef Meat, you will find taste in both of them.

Shipping anywhere anytime!

Meat Shop Online delivery service is to help people to purchase a variety of meat from one place. It is not crucial to store our packets as they are shipped fresh so you can cook and eat directly and order more when you think that you need them. Order must be placed between Monday-Friday by 1:00 PM to be dispatched and Meat delivered To Your Door within 24 hours.

Our First Priority:

Your health is our first priority. We fully care about your health and provide you the meat of rich quality. We have all categories of red and white meat furthermore, chicken is highly demanded as it takes less time to cook and also extremely beneficial for health. Chicken is rich in proteins and this is really beneficial for our Health.

How much proteins are beneficial for us:
  • Reduces Appetite and Hunger Levels
  • Increases Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Good for Your Bones
  • Reduces Cravings and Desire for Late-Night Snacking
  • Boosts Metabolism and Increases Fat Burning
  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure
  • Helps Maintain Weight Loss
  • Does Not Harm Healthy Kidneys