Sheep Leg Mince



Minced meat gives us a big advantage since it is low in fats and can be taken from any part/cut of the animal. We can not only use it in a variety of ways but being a lean cut it is also much healthier.

Similarly, minced sheep meat is also incredibly good for preparing dishes such as stuffed aubergine, meatballs, burgers, and patties, etc. It can also be added to bolognese, spaghetti, and shepherd’s pie.

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It Is Always Good To Be Creative Whatever You Do!

One should always allow his/her creative mind to do the things it wants. Food is something that must be pleasant to the eye to convince others that they must try them.

Our halal and finest quality meat motivates you to make it however you like. Be it spicy bhuna keema or Vietnamese style sheep Mince salad, from traditional to new you can go for any recipe according to your likes and dislikes. Our Sheep Meat can be cooked in multiple ways as the user wants.

Some of our quick picks are:

  • Easy lamb bolognese
  • Turkish gozleme
  • Keema rice
  • Mince pie
  • Seekhkabab
  • Middle eastern kofta
  • Minced meat rolls
  • Lebanese spiced sheep minced
  • Mince curry
  • Spinach and nuts with minced meat

Whether you have tried or not, you can easily find out the simplest recipes from the internet and follow the steps to make a good one.


We often recommend our customers to use the sealed packets within one month. And if you have opened the packet then do not let it freeze for more than a week.