Sheep Heart



Among the several meat cuts, the heart is the most underrated organ to be chosen. But chefs and expert nutritionists respectively have provided us with amazing recipes and facts about its significance. These things collectively make heart cut a good option to be cooked for occasional meals such as on Valentine’s or Thanksgiving etc.

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How To Clean Sheep Heart?

Because this cut is containing fats and can be a reason to enhance your cholesterol levels so, you must remove them as much as you can before putting it on the stove.

Here are some quick and easy steps you may follow to help you remove those extra fats and connective tissues.

  • Always use a sharp knife to cut down those surfaced fats from the sheep heart.
  • Then rinse the heart properly to remove all the remains of fats.
  • Now, put it in cold water and add a pinch of salt.

As you see it has been cleaned up from excessive fat and you can prepare it in any way you like.


A Sneak peek Of Tasty Sheep Heart Recipes:

We have also got a few ideas to help you in making a savory and flavorsome heart dish.

  • Sheep heart skewers
  • Braised, stuffed sheep heart
  • Georgian Korma of Sheep heart
  • Sheep heart keema madras curry
  • Grilled sheep heart with Karissa
  • Sheep heart in minty gravy
  • Fried sheep heart
  • Indian style sheep heart


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