Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade 50g Pack


  • Tikkiya Perfection
  • Flavour Infusion
  • Versatile Usage
  • Versatile Usage
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Product Descritption:

Elevate your grilling game with the irresistible taste of Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade 50g Pack. Crafted to perfection, this marinade brings the essence of authentic tikkiya kababs straight to your kitchen, offering you a delectable journey of flavours.

Key Features & Specifications:

Tikkiya Perfection: Our Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade is a blend of exquisite spices that capture the essence of the renowned tikkiya kababs.

Flavour Infusion: Elevate your meats with rich, aromatic flavours that seep deep into every fibre, creating an unforgettable taste experience.

Versatile Usage: Whether you’re grilling, barbecuing, or pan-frying, this marinade complements various cooking methods.

Ease of Use: Transforming your meats into gourmet tikkiya kababs is a breeze with our ready-to-use marinade.

Why Choose Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade?

At, we’re committed to delivering authentic tastes to your doorstep. Our Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade allows you to enjoy the savoury magic of tikkiya kababs with unparalleled convenience.

Enhance Your Cooking:

Give your meats a flavour that awakens your taste buds with Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade.

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Experience the flavours of tikkiya kababs with Shan Tikkiya Kabab Masala Marinade 50g Pack, available for only £1.50 on Unlock a world of savoury delights in every bite.