Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade 60 g Pack


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Product Description:

Embark on a flavor-filled journey with the tantalizing Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade, now available in a convenient 60g pack. Immerse yourself in the rich aromas and authentic flavors of Punjab, elevating your Yakhni Palau to new heights. Let the Shan 60g pack be your culinary partner, enhancing your cooking experience with every use.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Thoughtfully sized 60g pack provides the perfect Yakhni Palau Marinade measure for your culinary explorations.
  • Experience the essence of Punjab with Shan’s authentic Yakhni Palau Marinade, meticulously crafted to infuse your dishes with an irresistible taste.
  • Simplify the art of creating Yakhni Palau with Shan’s 60g pack, ensuring a harmonious blend of spices and seasonings.
  • Elevate the taste, aroma, and presentation of your Yakhni Palau, transforming every meal into a delectable and memorable experience

Usage Scenarios:

When you envision crafting the exquisite Yakhni Palau Marinade in the UK, let the indispensable Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade 60g pack be your guiding star. Enhance your culinary skills and embark on a gastronomic journey that captures the essence of Punjab. Elevate your cooking and share the joy of delightful Palau with your family.

Customer Reviews:

Join the discerning customers who have embraced Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade to elevate their culinary escapades. Many satisfied patrons trust our product to enhance their taste adventures, and you, too, can be a part of this culinary transformation. Rest assured. Our authorized and quality-assured product guarantees your satisfaction. Set forth on a path to culinary excellence.


Indulge in culinary perfection with Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade, available at just £1.50 per 60g pack. Elevate your Palau game while staying within your budget.

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Seize the opportunity to infuse the rich flavors of Punjab into your Yakhni Palau dishes with Shan Punjab Yakhni Palau Marinade. Click the “Buy Now” button on to place your order using credit cards, debit cards, or other convenient payment options. Elevate your culinary journey today! (Cash on delivery not available.)