Shan Fried Fish Marinade 50g Pack


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Product Description:

Introducing the Shan Fried Fish Marinade, your secret to achieving crispy and flavorful fried fish that’s second to none. Now available in a convenient 50g pack at, this marinade is your passport to recreating the magic of restaurant-style fried fish at home.

Key Features & Specifications:

Irresistible Crispiness: Our Shan Fried Fish Marinade imparts a unique blend of spices that ensures your fish is perfectly crispy on the outside while tender on the inside.

Authentic Flavors: Crafted with a carefully selected combination of spices, this marinade delivers the authentic taste of fried fish you crave.

Easy to Use: Preparing delicious fried fish is a breeze with our pre-mixed marinade. Just coat your fish in the marinade, and you’re on your way to culinary excellence.

Versatile Usage: While perfect for fried fish, this marinade can also enhance the flavours of other seafood dishes.

Why Choose Shan Fried Fish Marinade from Us?

At, we understand the importance of exceptional flavour and ease of use. Our Shan Fried Fish Marinade embodies our commitment to delivering quality products that make your cooking experience exceptional.

Crispy Delight:

Serve up fried fish that’s not just delicious but also boasts the perfect crunch that will leave your guests wanting more.

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Elevate your fried fish game with Shan Fried Fish Marinade. Order now from for just £1.50 per pack. Visit our website at and add this marinade to your spice rack for a delightful fried fish experience that’s second to none.