Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade 50g Pack


  • Zesty Ginger Infusion
  • Convenient 50g Pack
  • Ready-to-Use Blend
  • Versatile Application
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Product Description:

Add a zesty twist to your dishes with the flavorful Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade, now available at Expertly crafted, this 50g of marinade brings the refreshing essence of ginger to your culinary creations, elevating your meals with a burst of zingy freshness.

Key Features & Specifications:

Zesty Ginger Infusion: Our Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade combines the aromatic warmth of ginger with savoury spices, infusing your chicken dishes with a delightful zing and depth of flavour.

Convenient 50g Pack: Each pack contains 50g of Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade, providing you with the perfect portion to infuse your meals with zesty goodness.

Ready-to-Use Blend: Elevate your cooking effortlessly by using our marinade. Its authentic flavours ensure a delectable outcome every time, making it an indispensable addition to your spice rack.

Versatile Application: Whether marinating, grilling, or experimenting with new culinary creations, our marinade is a versatile companion that enhances the taste profile of your dishes.

Why Choose Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade From Us?

At, we are dedicated to enhancing your culinary experiences with vibrant flavours. Our Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade showcases our commitment to providing premium quality and authentic tastes that enliven your meals.

Embrace the Zing:

Experience the refreshing allure of ginger. Our marinade captures the essence of this zesty ingredient, transforming every bite into a memorable journey of taste.

Order Now:

Infuse your dishes with the zesty magic of Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade. Order now from and add a burst of freshness to your meals. Priced at just £1.50, this 50g pack is a must-have for your spice rack. Visit our website at to place your order and relish the vibrant flavours of Shan Chicken Ginger Marinade.