Mix Sheep



Now, you do not have to go farther from your place in search of Halal meat just because you are living in a non-Muslim country. You can order it online and get the delivery at your doorstep. Is it not amazing?

Meat Shop Drop with its mind-blowing services for people looking for Halal Meat Store Near Me is available 24/7. Make a call to know what kind variety, do we have, how to place an order, and when your order will be dispatched. Our online services are meant to cater to your needs anytime you want.


We Are Helping You To Make Winning Recipes!

Whether you are a housewife, office lady, or a busy mum, it is often difficult to choose from the variety of hundreds of ingredients available what to pick up that suits best your kids’ and family’s health and also value the prices.

But, our Meat Shop has resolved all your problems by providing original and quality products at affordable rates.

As we all know that today different stores and supermarkets out there are using preservatives, flavorants, etc. in their products to enhance and upgrade the taste. But because of poor-quality, they may leave you with some side effects later. Therefore, to avoid any reaction we supply unprocessed and freshly prepared meat in safe, temperature-friendly packaging to keep the meat fresh and good.

When you prepare dishes from our fresh and original products, it will definitely turn out to be a perfect one that everyone around the dining table would love to appreciate.


More About Meat Shop Drop

  • We are a UK service provider.
  • We offer only halal meat products.
  • Sheep, beef, lamb, turkey, and chicken are available right now.
  • We are readily available online.
  • We offer free delivery for orders of worth more than£40.