Lamb Shoulder Steak



Lamb shoulder cut is normally used for stews and braising. As it is in comparison, a slightly tough cut and is better to cook gravy and stew yet some people also like to have it in steaks. For recipes of grilling and roasting of Lamb shoulder cut, you must have to have a good time to let the cut slowly and gradually heat up and cook to tenderize and absorb the marinated flavors.

Lamb shoulder widely consist of connective tissue and therefore, experts advise either make a stew or let it cook longer over a medium flame.

When you cook this cut for a longer time it gets melted by the breakdown of tissues and becomes tender and delicious.



Prepare Variety Dishes With Lamb Shoulder Cut:

There are a number of ways you can make a good, delightful, and strong-flavored meal with our Lamb shoulder cut.

Here we have a few of the options available to ease you in planning this week’s menu:

  • Pan-grilled lamb shoulder chops
  • Mediterranean braised Lamb shoulder chops
  • Lamb shoulder chops with smoky red pepper-shallot butter
  • Skillet lamb chops
  • Barbecued lamb shoulder chops
  • Roasted Lamb shoulder chops
  • Broiled lamb shoulder chops
  • Citrus marinated lamb shoulder chops


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