Chicken Leg



Want to pick up fresh meat for your dinner meal? Do not have the energy to go to the market and buy some? Here you go! Meat Shop Drop is here again with its online services for halal Meat Delivery to London and all over the UK.

Without worrying for a moment, pick up your mobile phone, visit our website, and have a look at our meat categories. Though we have a variety of cuts and meat if you could not find your desired piece, let us know and we will manage to add it to our menu on your demand.



What We Eat Defines How We Live!

Every one of us wants to live a perfect life. Who does not like to be in a good state of health? To stay strong, fit, and healthy we all have to put some effort into it. Achieving a sound mind and body is not a daydream but yes, it needs some real efforts.

We are always looking for the best meat to offer our dear customers through Meat Shop Online considering their good health. Our Chicken Leg cut is a perfect example of this. It is not only affordable for potential buyers but also provides us with a variety of ways to cook and eat.

  • If you are a young, energetic person who is focused on exercise, gyming, etc. then you can eat this leg piece along with the saturated fat that comes along because it needs extra physical activity to get digested.
  • But, if you are a cardiac-compromised adult then you should not have it that way. It is better to remove all the fat before cooking so you will have a delicious plus healthy meal.
  • Chicken Leg is usually divided into thigh and drumsticks so, here again, you have a choice to cook the whole piece or make different cuts and use accordingly.


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