Chicken Breast Mince



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Our Minced Chicken Is A Must-have For Everyone!

Our chicken breast mince cut will add flavors to your boring food and gives you the desire to eat more. Minced meat is actually not processed meat but is only chopped and cut in a way that offers you to make use of the meat leftovers and can also provide you with some outstanding recipes.

Minced meat cut is often used to make kebabs, meatballs, or koftas using Indian recipes. These kebabs are also used to prepare burgers and sandwiches whereas koftas are used in gravy sometimes.


Eat Healthy, Live Healthy!

Minced meat is also popular for being low in fat. The lesser your meat contains the fat, the healthier it is and will help you to lose some weight.

The main advantages that have been investigated by experts of using chicken in the routine diet include:

  • It is a rich source of protein and helps athletes and bodybuilders to make up their muscle mass.
  • It is leaner than beef and low in fats therefore, those who are interested in weight loss must shift their diet from beef to chicken.
  • It also provides us vitamins that are important for healthy growth.
  • It also contains minerals and helps in the mineralization of bones.

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