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Beef steak is though a typically tough muscle piece also including a bone as long as you cook it slowly you will be able to have a tender and flavorful steak recipe at the end.

Mostly, people like it to grill over the coals because it makes the steaks more tempting and super delicious. However, it does not matter either you go for grilling your steaks which is definitely worth waiting for the best results, or make a pan-fried beef steak dish for a quick meal, you are going to have a great, tantalizing meal with our special beef steak cuts.

Our steaks are professionally prepared (cut, cleaned, and packed) in a proper way. We also deliver them by keeping their freshness and taste up to your standards. Steaks as containing a bone therefore, we suggest you adopt slow cooking methods. This will let you enjoy very tender, succulent, and tasty beef steaks to satisfy your taste buds.


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Your Beef Steaks Were Never Been Such Tasty!

We not only deliver you Beef Meat of high quality but also suggest you and help you to make your mealtime more fun and delicious.

To have a great steak time try some of the following ideas:

  • Grilled beef steak
  • Filipino steak
  • Sizzling steak
  • Garlic-butter steak
  • Steak with pepper sauce
  • Steak and romesco potatoes
  • Cajun-butter steak bites


Why Choose Us?

Meat Shop Drop always remains focused on providing Halal Meat Near Me to our customers at affordable prices. In the UK, it was quite difficult for non-veg lovers to find an ethical halal meat store. But we have solved your queries by offering a door-to-door delivery service for a vast range of halal meat products.

Now, everyone can simply order and enjoy versatile dishes prepared by using our wide range of cuts and marinated items.

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