Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade 50g Pack


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Product Description:

Embark on a culinary adventure with the enticing Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade, available at Crafted to perfection, this 50g pack of marinade brings the exotic flavours of Chicken Manchurian to your kitchen, allowing you to create an irresistible fusion of taste that delights the senses.

Key Features & Specifications:

Exotic Fusion: Our Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade is a harmonious blend of savoury spices and umami goodness, infusing your chicken dishes with the bold and irresistible flavours of Manchurian cuisine.

Convenient 50g Pack: Each pack contains 50g of Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade, providing you with the perfect portion to elevate your meals with an exotic twist.

Ready-to-Use Blend: Elevate your cooking effortlessly by using our marinade. Its authentic flavours ensure a delectable outcome every time, making it an essential addition to your spice rack.

Versatile Application: Whether stir-frying, sautéing, or experimenting with new culinary creations, our marinade is a versatile companion that adds excitement to your dishes.

Why Choose Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade From Us?

At, we are passionate about bringing global flavours to your table. Our Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade embodies our commitment to providing premium quality and authentic tastes that transport you to distant lands.

Explore Exoticism:

Experience the allure of Chicken Manchurian. Our marinade captures the essence of this beloved dish, transforming every meal into a journey of exotic taste.

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Unleash the exotic flavours of Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade. Order now from and bring the excitement of global cuisine to your kitchen. Priced at just £2.00, this 50g pack is a treasure for your spice rack. Visit our website at to place your order and embark on a compelling culinary voyage with Shan Chicken Manchurian Marinade.